SPIRALGEN offers high performance software solutions and services for performance-critical computing functions used in signal processing, communications and scientific computing.

Spiral, our core technology, is a sophisticated, award winning program generation system: software that writes software.

Spiral automates software development - quickly porting software to new, more capable platforms - saving you time and money.



Upgrades of software products for new processor generations can consume significant company resources. Discover how SpiralGen can reduce cost by automatically porting critical software components to take full advantage of processor features including multi-cores and vector extensions. Click here for examples of our performance data.



Market demands have accelerated the pace of product development. Companies are under huge pressure to get the perfect product to market. Explore how SpiralGen can help your company stay on top of market changes, by moving your products to market quickly through the automated implementation and optimization of code for your new processor generations using the Spiral tool.



Founded in 2009, SpiralGen is the result of over a decade of ground-breaking research led by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University. Today, our collaboration continues as we strive to stay on top of the latest research available in the area of computer functions. For more information on Spiral research being done at CMU, please visit www.spiral.net