Custom Optimizations

Liberate software performance

Upgrading your high-performance software for new processors devours company resources and impedes your ability to respond quickly to technology or market changes.

    1. Do you have legacy code to port to a new platform?
    2. Are you building new software that will later need porting?
    3. Do you want to optimize code on your existing platform?

Release your time crunch

Don’t delay your release or double-team your coders. Instead, call SpiralGen for custom optimizations. For many mathematical software components, we can provide you with the code primitives for your most critical and resource-hungry processes.  We will deliver code that is:

  • to your specs and easily integrated
  • optimized for your desired platform
  • easily ported to a new processor
  • symbolically and numerically verified

The code takes full advantage of processor features, including multiple cores and vector extensions. SpiralGen optimizations are easier than downloading and optimizing a library, since they are already customized to your specs and platform.

High performance: fast and lower cost

Best of all, your Spiral-generated software components are delivered in a fraction of the time it would take your human coding team. Instead of weeks or months, you'll get results in days or weeks. That saves you time and money, while enhancing your market position.

What's our magic?

SpiralGen holds the exclusive license to the Spiral software generation and optimization technology developed under the lead of Carnegie Mellon University.

This "power tool", wielded by our experts who understand the mathematical complexities of high-performance software, will revolutionize how you think about software optimization and porting.

More about our Spiral technology

Unleash your speed daemons

Take SpiralGen for a test drive. We’ll outperform your code and deliver it faster than your coding team.

Finally, performance is portable.