Autonomous Vehicles

Are you balancing safety, reliability, and cost in self-driving vehicles?


When safety is paramount, yet pennies matter, your component and system tradeoff options can seem infinite for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). 

Until now. 

SpiralGen’s high-assurance exploration technology automates this iterative design process. 

Developed for the high-reliability defense environment, our technology automatically generates hardware-specific ADAS code. 

  • Allows for early life-cycle cost estimation.
  • Prevents overbuilding and overspending.
  • Simultaneously optimizes for throughput, size, hardware, power, memory, latency, speed/frame rate, and accuracy/resolution.
  • MATLAB/Simulink compatible.

With SpiralGen technology, you can accomplish person-years of design work in mere weeks.

The SpiralGen Model--Design Space Optimization

Our design space exploration tool is like a trusted team of experts who can quickly explore performance tradeoffs for your specific ADAS criteria. 

100x faster design tradeoff exploration, code generation and performance

  • Using machine learning, compiler techniques, and hardware knowledge, SpiralGen provides a rapid iterative approach to find the optimal solution for your ADAS requirements.
  • At the same time, SpiralGen autonomously generates high assurance, high performance code through Cross Kernel Optimization. 


How do you make design space choices?

  • Can you completely untangle the complex tradeoffs of performance, algorithmic tuning and hardware in your ADAS? 
  • How do you know you are finding the optimal ADAS solution given your constraints?