Spiral Tools

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Unlock the future

We believe our Spiral technology will revolutionize how we develop performance-critical, numerical software components. SpiralGen is committed to releasing tools to help engineers and software developers tap this powerful technology.

Spiral tools

  • As easy as using a library
  • Generate drop-in code
  • Generate code in less time than people can
  • Outperform human-tuned code

Linear transform capabilities

  • Fast Fourier Transform
  • Fast Cosine Transform
  • Convolution
  • Fast Wavelet Transform
  • Viterbi Decoder
  • FIR filter

Spiral FFT GPL 1.1

Introduced at SuperComputing '14

Generate a specific single-threaded FFT for your platform. The code that is generated can then be dropped into your proprietary code for optimized performance and code size. The generated code can exceed the power performance of code written by human optimization experts, delivering more GFLOPS/Watt.


  • Single threaded
  • One and two dimensions
  • Single and double precision for Intel 64, IA-32, SSE and AVX
  • Large selection of sizes
  • Symbolically and numerically verified code
  • 64-bit Windows 7 and 8

Compilers supported:

  • Intel C Compiler
  • Visual Studio C Compiler
  • MinGW GCC


GPL as an evaluation tool. Commercial license of current version is available. Please contact SpiralGen for details.